Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reconcialition with the Purple Obsession

Yes, it was bad. Really bad. The things that happened between us was unimaginable. I never thought we would come that far. Nasty Conversations and careless with each other. But now, that's just a mere episode of the past, and we need to reconcile.

We did. We reconciled. I sent her a letter, a long page letter full of apologies and explanation. I need to do that because I know I hurt her some time. I apologized not because she's right and I'm wrong. But we need to do it to forget about the bad part of the story and continue with what we have today.

In the same light, she sent me a letter as well. She did her apology thingy. That's it. Happy Happy the two of us.

I still want to write more. pero bali nang gutoma ui..waaaaakk...bye..kaon nako jud..weeeeeeeeeee....patambok ko para sa akong

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