Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Happen, Why did you change in the wrong way? Or it’s just that, you are really like that

By Soulhunted

Enough with all the Purple things. Enough with all the purple lies.
God knows how I finally moved on from the anguish and pain you injected in me. God knows how much I sacrificed for our relationship to last a little bit longer. God knows everything, and God knows I don’t love you anymore.

I am just so depressed the way you act nowadays, simply because I do not know you anymore and you have changed a lot. The love we once share flourished like a flower blooming under the moonlight, and gradually wither and died under the sun. The promise you once told me, the sweet romance, the laughter, the hugs and kisses, the intimate doings, and the vows we made, are now just pieces of a broken picture.

I was upset of what you have turned to. You become selfish. You become careless. You become another human creature that I never knew. I just can’t believe that the woman I considered as my angel, and loved with all my being would turn into someone, someone so cold. You are a stupid LIAR!

I gave you understanding when you asked for space and time. I did not hesitate to say anything in contrast of your favor. I suffered too much. You left me when I needed you the most. You left me when my world turned down against me because you pulled back from our plans.

I needed you that time, during the enrolment periodৄ─ I had academic, personal, and serious problems and those were the negative results of our deal. It consumed all of my hopes in life. But I did not tell you because I cared for you. I don’t want you to worry about me. I want to give you the time you wanted.

What’s worst is that, if our paths would coincide, you would treat me like a total stranger. You’re with your boy friends during your free time and I would stand still watching you hoping that you’ll come nearer. But you would just give me a fake smile as if you are afraid of me. But still, I was patient. I gave you understanding.

Did I have complaints? I did not, even once I did not become mad at you though I know you’ll gonna leave me soon. I loved you too much that I trusted you with all sincerity. I was hoping that you’ll come back to me. I thought all you need was just time and space.

I gave you kindness, patience, and understanding.

But in return, you gave me disrespect, carelessness, selfishness, and told me lies.
(I do not want to indicate all the details in this post because I don’t want readers to have wrong impressions of you)

You can not blame me if I hate you now. I am sorry. I don’t want it to be like this. Believe me, I wanted to part our ways in a smooth manner, a nice friendly break up.

You wanted friendship since you drew that idea after the break up, and I agreed. But it’s a lie. You wanted to get rid of me, I suppose.

I want to write everything here but I’ll be silent for your own sake. So that the people will not judge you in the wrong way.

What you did is enough. Enough for me to say goodbye. Enough of my patience. Enough of my kindness. Enough of you. You are such a stupid LIAR!