Thursday, June 24, 2010

You are not Authors!

"Do not judge a book by its cover because you are not authors and even if you are, you still have no rights"

People always have this kind of cannot-be-cured disease within them since the day they were born, and I have to admit that even me has this kind of ill attitude. However, I have learned my lesson a long time ago so me getting involved in scenarios like this is very minimal.

I am just so sad when people close to me or was a part of me is being back-stabbed by their own friends, and my friends too. They would say things that would really make my temper to start getting haywire.

They would say like this or like that and eventually, as I hear what they are saying, I am starting to feel really really bad. Because they are talking about someone who was so close to me.

I know that it is okay to listen to your friends sometimes but not this time. I have known this person for a couple of months and I know that everything about her, everything she does, is just the way she is. She's just friendly and of course, alluring that is why she has male friends that would always stick to her.

But the way they judge her is just too bad. I already have heard bad things about her before we met but all of those ain't just real. It's the opposite of what she is. The  thing is, she just act childish and sweet. And it's not her fault of many guys would run after her or befriend her.

She is kind. She is sweet. She is nice. She is approachable. She is friendly. She is childish. She is religious. She is God fearing. She is caring and loving. She is beautiful and it's not her fault.

I know all about her because she never made me feel bitter and unloved. She was faithful to me. She never did anything that would make me feel bad about her.

Because every time we have fights, IT IS ALWAYS MY FAULT and she would just stay patient and remain silent.

I just feel sooooooooooo bad about it. It makes me feel terrible when there are people who act like AUTHORS!..STOP IT!


  1. duh.. haha.. k rwah nah.. d pud k kbout nla ky ila man ng opinion or whatever.. they are also authors of their own words.. so, yaw npud pnghilabot ky ila man pd nah.. all u have to so is to prove them they're wrong instead nga mag.yaw2 k... k??? ahahaha...;)

    1. Is it really hilabot to react in a sad or wild way about the opinions of others? One has a right to basta it involves someone they care about. Who are those people nga needed paman si ryan to prove of whatsoever concerning her? All he can do is express it in writing. So if dili ka ganahan ani na post, you should have had never done so and this is his blog so back off.

    2. It is so pitiful of you kay people pleaser diay ka. ."prove". .People has really something to say, . .Jesus is perfect but many people hated him it is because dili pasabot nga si Jesus ang sayop kay ang mga tawo maoy ga.hate but the people mismo ang naay kakulian. . .Mura sad kag kinsa na muingon dili manghilabot. .but-ana sad nimo kay ra diay ka tapos speechless if people around you mu proclaim ug false things against you. . .You could consume all your life in proving yourself to people who will never like you.

  2. ..pinagtatanggol mo pa rin sya are still lots of people who misconstrued our attitudes...kevs nila..insecure ra nah sila...hahah

  3. ..guys, what are you talking about.. hindi ko siya ipinagtatanggol ..concern rako niya kay louy baya to kaau..mura tog bata nga magoul dayon.. naghilak gani to pag-ayo..louy au to siya.. and then..hmmmmmmm.. mao to..


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