Saturday, June 19, 2010

Which is which? -- which song is better?

I have been listening to all kinds of music lately and I have realized that all of them really have great meanings. I mean, the song must have been created because of the weariness and sadness felt by the writer.

I always believe that love songs are created due to intense emotion felt by the writer, whether he is happy or sad.
Songs that say "letting go" is the best choice when someone wants to go wild and free from a certain relationship that no longer has a chance of moving onwards.

Songs that say "hold on because we need to stay tight in this test" are also one of the typical songs that I hear from my playlist.

I mean, I did not really download the songs intentionally since I just copied those songs from the PC. But hell it is great!
I am really confused with the songs because at the middle part there would be lyrics like "just let go" and eventually, at the ending part, the writer seems to hope for that love to come back and write "hold on" so that they can work it out.

However, there are also songs that would really show the hurts of the writer. Though it is just a song, maybe, just maybe, the words he wrote in it are real. It came from the what we so called heart. Maybe he was hurt and wrote something and gave it a tune.

But one thing I can say is that, songs are instant remedies to sadness.

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