Monday, June 14, 2010

When a Promise turns to be a BIG LIE

Sometimes, people tend to forget the things you shared together in the past. That giving all your soul is not enough. That giving all your efforts is not enough. That giving all your time is not enough. That giving all things that you can give is not enough. That giving all of what YOU are is not enough. The latter would be you ending up alone and empty-handed.

This is a fact. Memories in the past that was supposed to last an ever after have eventually landed to a temporary end, or perhaps just "end". People are programmed to have memory gap, so to speak. They just learned to throw things like a trash when they no longer feel like holding it anymore.

Sometimes, people should learn to be matured enough and be considerate enough when things get rough. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to speak out what you want to say and not ask for time which will just worsen things up.

Sometimes, people should learn how to handle with care the ones they promised to be loved and treasured. Sometimes, a promise should not be forgotten by the change of time, rather to be kept when things turn topsy-turvy. That is why it's called PROMISE, to remind us that "letting go" should never be an option.

When you say "don't let go of me", then don't act like you want to run away. Take note, hell I care if you run 100 kilometers per hour. I won't run after you. I am just reminding you because you asked me before that I should not let you go, no matter what happens.

 I am not superman, even superman is not numb of pain. I am imperfect, but I am not stupid enough to act like a blood sucker. I will never run after you because I am not that cheap.

Yes, you are my crush. I am obsessed with you. You are my girlfriend who now showed a cold shoulder on me. But I won't beg for you to love me back again. After all, I never care for you the time that you were still my crush.

But I admit, YOU BECAME MY WORLD when you became my non-legal wife. You became the river of my happiness and the source of my will to change my negative perceptions of life. I loved you like I never knew love at all.

But damn!, I want to work this out. We should work this out. I will do everything to bring you back because I promised you something.

I am not a promise breaker. I will be sweet, romantic, and patient until you say this is over. At least, I gave everything I can for you. I am real to you. I am NOT A LIAR!.

You are not to be blamed. Maybe. life just needs to go on like this.But there is still time. Come back because I'm still waiting.

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