Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Philippines Has No Chance, No Future

The idleness that I am experiencing these past few days, the present situation of the Blessed Country Philippines to her worst condition, made me realize that there is no cure and there is no way for this country to heal its corrupt leaders and to solve the unswerving falling of the economic downhell that has become the main problem throughout the many decades of the Filipino Existence.

I can not stay silent and remain mute knowing that the politicians are now on their biggest race to grabbed their chair and situate themselves in the spotlight as one of of the country's leaders, lawmakers, debaters, and most of all, to be one of the countries most corrupt officials.

This is not a lie. In fact every one, all of the Filipinos know that this country no longer has a chance to revive itself from being the nest of politicians who have crooked nails--hands of dirty-hearted creatures who are so numb to feel that their fellowmen and fellow citizens are suffering the painful effects of their dirty deeds.

Since the day my mother pushed me out of her womb, and taught me that the world was round, I felt that I am safe. I felt that I can be on the top of that spherical figure someday. But it was absurd. I was ridiculous enough to believe that the earth is round and it revolves for all of us.

The world is not round. This is a three-sided mathematical figure known as triangle. We are the bases and they are on top. There is no way that the top of this figure will be ours because they own each of the vertices.

They own dominion in this time of economic crisis. They do not help us, they are stepping us downward instead.

If we will vote. They will win.
If we will not. They will end their terms and will be obliged to go down from their royal seats.

If that happens. No one will govern. We will.

We will make our own country, for the better.

Philippines, you have a future, but not in the hands of these dirty criminals.