Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don’t be “Torpe”, ask her for a date

The love month is almost over. But your dream girl is still there, and you’re watching her. Won’t you do anything? 

Though male teenagers nowadays are brave enough and can naturally ask any girl for a date, there are still some who can’t even say a simple “hello” to the girl they’ve much admired. The Filipino term for a guy who lacks confidence in talking to the girl they like is “torpe”.
This is the most common problem some guys are facing, particularly those who never had a date ever since they were born – which is true to some. Some guys freeze like ice while others become mute when their love interest is near. Probably, these guys lack confidence and don’t have experience yet, in any boy-girl relationship. 

In this article of The NORSUnian, we will help you unravel your true manhood and unleash the best in you – your natural talent for courtship. 

Greet her with a smile. Every time you meet her in the campus or just anywhere you see her, give her that pleasant smile of yours associated with a nice “hello!” that is said in a very gracious way. In that manner, she’ll think that you’re friendly, and you care about her presence. 

You have her number, proceed to the next step. You already have her number, and you did a good job. Good because it means that she knows you already, and she might know a little information about you. Her knowing your name, course, or anything little regarding your personality is not that bad, you should be happy. It means that you are enlisted in her thoughts, and she treats you as one of her friends. 

Be thoughtful. A simple text message for her in the morning and night will make her feel that you are attentive to her daily life. Asking her how’s her day or if she has eaten her meal already can be one of those typical subjects that you may want to discuss about. The message should only be for her with her name on it so that she’ll be aware that you especially sent that message for her. 

Don’t be too obvious. Many guys always make this kind of mistake. Remember, girls don’t like men who are too obvious about their feelings, so try to be a little discreet about your “overflowing” feelings for her. Most of the girls give a “minus point” to those guys who act so noticeable about their affection, because for them, it is weird. Put a thrill in your blooming relationship, it will bring excitement and enthusiasm for both of you. 

Ways to approach her. Most guys would depend on their cellphones when they ask a girl for a meeting, but that’s not cool. Women want surprises, and they love unpredictable things to happen just like when you approach her after her class and talk to her about anything under the sun. But be sure that she won’t get bored. You can make the conversation livelier by switching to different topics which both of you can relate with. 

Listen to her and ask questions. It is an additional “pogi point” if you are a good listener. Women admire men who listen to them when they talk. It shows that you are interested in what they are telling and that you care. Apart from a good listening, ask questions frequently so that you’ll exchange ideas, and she’ll talk more. The conversation will flow smoothly, and you’ll know more about her life and personality. In that way, dull moments can be avoided.
Join a club that she’s into. When both of you have one thing in common, it gives you another subject to talk about. Whether you’ll join the varsity team, choir group, religious groups, and other organizations in school, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like it and enjoy it. It can be a chance that you’ll know her better and get close to her. A desire to improve your physical or intellectual skills is attractive to most women. They’ll think that you have something that other common males don’t have.
Give compliments. Don’t ignore her nice dress, shoes, or looks every time you see her. Give her any word of praise that is true and appropriate at that time. Notice her charming eyes, face, or perhaps, you can tell her how beautiful she is in her outfit. In that way, you are giving her a hint that you value the things she is having. But don’t exaggerate the compliment. Women like simple and true compliment that are said in a nice and gentle manner. 

Understand her, be patient. Women are unpredictable. She’s maybe in the good mood yesterday, but it doesn’t mean that she’ll retain that same mood today. They want guys who can understand them. Be patient to her because you have feelings for her. Tell her that you aren’t affected with any of her mood-swings and that you understand her a lot because you care for her. 

Be the joker-serious type. Guys with these two qualities are the ones that most women like to be with. Females love to be with males who know how to make dull moments turn into a livelier one. And if you have these unique characteristics, then there is a greater chance that she’ll spend more time with you since these are their bases of a guy who has a sense of humor. Meaning, you are flexible enough to make her laugh when she’s sad, while you can be the serious-type guy when she needs advises and assistance. 

Be real and be you. Above all, there is no other best way to win the heart of your one true love but to show her who and what you really are. Don’t pretend because that’s the things the she’s looking for in a man. You need to be real and act the way you really are, because in a blooming relationship, lies have no place – truth and sincerity shall abide. 

As a teenager, affection, love, and courtship are one of the common things that you would experience – whether you like it or not, it will happen. Winning and losing may come along the way. You might lose a few times, but there’s nothing to worry, and there is nothing to rush about. Like every prince in every fairytale, a princess is fated to be with him in a happy ever after story.
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