Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Love (and Infatuation) Strikes

For women, love at first sight and true love are phenomenal. For men, it usually happens every time they meet gorgeous ladies heading their way.

Living in the modern era, teenagers are often confused on when to say that love is present in a relationship. They often get fooled on believing things such as “love at first sight” and other stuffs alike. They are weak and unsure in things related to these matters.

Every person was created by God with the most precious gifts and physical attributes that made us all special. But among all of these amazing qualities is the vital part that expresses the wisdom of God’s purpose – the heart to feel love.

But this holy and sanctified gift has been contaminated with malice and wrong perceptions throughout the change of time. There is a problem with dividing love from attraction. Worst, many of us are duped into believing that an attraction is Love.

But this holy and sanctified gift has been contaminated with malice and wrong perceptions throughout the change of time. Love, that is supposed to be holy and sanctified by the Divine, and attraction, are slowly evolving into one. Meaning, when a guy is attracted to a lady, it directly indicates that he feels love and vice versa.

Factually, men are more prone in doing this evolution misconception. Now, the question is, how many time does a guy get attracted to girls? Could it lead to a disaster?

Young men, in specific, always have these “love at first sight” dramas every time they see attractive girls coincide their path. And believe or not, the image of that girl will be inculcated in their thoughts and perhaps dream about that lady for a series of time.

That “love at first sight” events will result to sleepless nights, unstable heartbeats, and paranoia to when they will see that lovely lady again. But in case if there is no other chance to see that girl once more, it is not a big deal since they still have a wave of girls to choose from.

And after a day or two, when men already have their new prospect of desire, they will eventually forget the other woman because a new attractive chick comes along.

Females on the other hand, misjudge men to these kinds of doings. Most of them have negative comments like calling men as jerks, liars and great pretenders. Whether boys like it or not, these accusations are real. They can’t escape the blazing eyes of women who were victims of their brutality.

To be fair, women should also hear men’s side.

Jason Libres, a sophomore Information Technology student, said that he believes in things such as love at first sight. “It happened to me thrice or maybe higher,” he said. He also said that he felt love for someone a couple of times already and it is natural for a man to feel love. But he said that “it depends on the situation”. He continued that “things change” and he does not want to stay in a relationship if his feelings would die away for someone. “I am honest; I just don’t want to hurt anyone,” he said. He clarified that his feelings would fade if he will see something wrong to his love interest and he doesn’t tend to play women’s hearts.

Same answer was given by a senior social science student, Jettrey Velonta. “Every time I see good looking girls coming on my way, I would surely turn my head.” He said that he appreciates attractive women simply because he is a human who knows the real meaning of the word beauty. He continued that since he was in high school, he already fell in love more or less than twenty times. He added that a guy can feel love to his opposite sex as many times as he want for as long as he is not committed.

Sought for his reaction about the matter, Jake Ronald Rodriguez, a junior BS Hospitality Management student said that it is just nature why men act that way. “A simple touch from a girl will become a big deal for us and we may think of it as a seduction motive,” he said.

He also shared that women should not hate all men since every man is different from the other. “Some are like that (bad ones) but there are few who still value the true essence of love,” he said. He cited himself an example of a man who is faithful to his girlfriend and that even once he did not cheat on her.

“Before, when I was still single, I am attracted directly to someone who is stunning and beautiful,” he added. He narrated that if he is attracted to someone at first sight he would follow that girl to wherever she goes so that he can get her attention. But he explained that when he met her girlfriend he changed and became a better person. He continued that he has changed his manner after seeing his new one now, and has completely changed his old ways.

Men are likewise humans and they are weak to temptations. We fall in love, we become infatuated, we fail, and we break up. But in the end, we will surely arrive to a destiny with the right one. And by that time, we will realize that despite falling in love many times, we will find the right person – the true one – at the right time.