Saturday, January 2, 2010

Samson falls down, sits flat over mugs

"Ge.picturan unta ko ninyo!", Samson said a few minutes after he fell down.

The NORSUnian boylet star for all seasons Santoni a.k.a. Samson slammed down the floor before the attempt to get a mug to drink water last thursday morning at 2 A.M.. Though the impact to the floor made his face milky-white, he was still able to laugh like a star and commented that someone must have took picture of him when he fell down. "memorable unta to kaayo, unsa ba mo!".

After the quite a "boom" impact, the 21-year-old editor in chief Papa Junrell who was busy editing the Magazine and Handurawan articles directly shoved off his chair and went to poor Samson who was obviously almost lost his senses. It took a few more minutes before the TN staff was able to raise Samson up since he was stuck at a very end of a corner where the staff could hardly get in.

Samson managed to stand up with the help of the EIC and gradually, sat down like a no-soul creature. He was still able to laugh and smile some more after what had happen.

The staff told him to sleep, and he did so. And the reason of the incident is "gimingaw naman gud ko niya bai, katong comsci ba"..(ga.emote ang bayot)...

Ako pud tawon kay katawa rapud ko kay gimingaw napud ko niya

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  1. ang g.yaw2 murag waz nahapla.., hahaha.., take note! xah entranz pjud xah norsu.., ahaha.., m.ulaw bya pud tah..,


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