Monday, January 25, 2010

NO goals in life, NO tomorrow

This was my realization today, after all the past realizations that I've had. See? things are really getting too complicated. And me, on the other hand, is just so confident enough to what I am doing - not attending classes, passing testpapers with no answers, and most of all, sleeping while the class is going on.

Maya reminds me always of going to school, and of course, I am a good follower, so I always go to school, even on Sundays and Saturdays. But that doesn't mean that I attend my daily classes. I'm tired and I don't know why is this happening.

Maybe, The News Editor was right that I lack goals in life. I have no goals and that resulted to my non-stop no-cure laziness this semester.

What are goals? I mean, what are really my goals in life?

Are goals in life the same as ambitions in life?

I think not, they are different. I have ambitions, tons of ambitions. I want to have a huge white mansion, US Navy-like submarine, helicopter, cars, and everything that a crazy minded jerk could ever wish for. As the saying goes "LIBRE ANG MANGARAP", and this is true.

Indeed, ambitions are the reason why people strive hard and continue living their totally-messed-up lives everyday. Though how miserable and hell-like their life is, they still has the reason to go on and fight once more because of one thing - GOALS in life.

GOAL..hmmm...I really cannot explain clearly what I have understood about this word because I am still on the process of thinking about it. I'll talk about it next time.

SO, that's it.

To be able to boost up your determination is to have goals.

DO I have goals in life?

hmmmmmmm.....I couldn't figure that out either.....

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  1. motivate Ryan and if you think your responsible enough, think twice, coz if not, be more responsible. Good for you that you have your Maya and you should be INSPIRED!, sulod-sulod gud. Walay pagmahay na gauna...


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