Saturday, January 2, 2010

NO CP, I can't text her - What a boring life

This is reality, if people doesn't have cellularphone, their life sucks.

The majority of the Filipino race is used to their lives with a cellphone in their pockets. Press and press during class hours, recess, while sitting, and even in the middle of the road, they just can't take their little fingers off on it.

Me, on the other hand, is somewhat influenced by this people whom we often call here in the office as SPAMMERS!. Meaning, they are really having fun in sending everyone or their friends nonsense messages not just once, but as many as they want. And if you're not fond of checking your CP's inbox every minute, then, you'll be luckily surprised that you're CP had reached it's maximum inbox memory.

Well. that's not the topic here. The fact is that I don't have a phone and I can't text her. It makes me sad knowing that this is my only way of having a connection with her.

But, I guess, I don't have to act like this since she's not mine anyways and I can wait till I can have a CP again. Can I really wait? No, ofcourse not. It feels like dying. I miss her though I'm sure there's no way she'll gonna miss me. Really, it won't happen.

I guess, I'll make this overflowing river to evaporate once in a while. But it's hard because I don't want to. There's no wrong of being like this, I mean, It's just natural to like somebody to the extent of obsession..

Yes, I am so obsess with her. But it's just fine because unlike others, I am not that obvious.
Am I? .. You dropped some comment guys! so that I will know if I'm obvious or not. hahahah

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