Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am crazy - Again?

There are no songs as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I see you.

 I seldom have this feeling - once in a blue moon as what they call it. Though I often told my friends that "I'm in love" to every gorgeous girls I see anywhere, it's not true since I don't even know the feeling of being in love - it's just a "guy thing" to admire attractive women.

Perhaps, I know that feeling - sleepless nights, can't get her off my mind, she makes me smile like a crazy jerk, I wanted to see her every day and if possible every hour, I wanted to go to my English subject because we are classmates. But I guess, the reason of why I can't remember anymore the feeling of love is that I was too busy thinking on how to earn money (and spend it as well - super spender) and the recently finished drama - depression.

Really, nobody touched my heart the way she did. It's like I have become a child again that never knew love at all. She makes my heart beat a hundred times when she looks at me.

I am crazy and I am obsess with you...
They say you are like this and like that, but still I don't want to believe to what other people say.
Because I know that you are kind, and sweet.

And if they are right, then people change. I am blinded with this feeling and I like it. I trust you in so many ways. Let my blindness begin.

".gudnayt..yaw pagpulaw au..yaw pud pgpakapui au imu work..Mastress niya ka..hehe..switdrimz..mwaahh"

"g.kulam d.i tika kuya..haha..uhmm...maanad nya mdnyt snaks..haha..bleh! una raq kuya ug slep..gudnay gudnayt..dreams of me.. :-) ..ur so close but still so far"

Every time we exchange thoughts thru texting, I did not hesitate to think twice or had second thoughts if the messages you sent me were real or not. I don't care a bit. All I know is that I'm happy and it's because of you.

Honestly, you have become sweeter to me than the past days, and I'm trapped in your maze.
I can't find any other way but to say that - I am drowning into the ocean of love (YAYKSSSS...HAHAHA)

I am afraid that I'll wake up one morning and all the happy things that had happened is over.
To open my eyes one morning and you are gone, and realized that it was just a DREAM.


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  1. I like this post. :)
    These are some of my advices.

    First, always listen to what others say. Then try to prove it yourself, if you prove yourself wrong, then be happy!

    Second, never assume. Being sweet implies nothing until she said she likes you.

    Third, take not of the word KUYA.

    Fourth, continue lovin BUT leave A LOT for yourself. Yes, you read it right. A lot!

    ...Stay happy ry. :)


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