Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello! 2010, BB '09!

Year 2009, the best year for me, yet also the saddest. A book of my life's new history-a climax of laughs and second chances, that ended with a bunch of sadness, disappointments, and failures.

Time to go forward despite the bad things that came across my way - the bad ones, totally bad. Perhaps, those bad things in life are the ones that what make us human, not the good ones since good memories do not add anything in life.

And this is the truth, happy memories will last forever and will be inculcated in our innocent minds but it won't be an aid to let us realize the wrong doings we have made. But the bad memories will, and it will always be the reason why people grow, why people learn, and why people mature. It will build and help you to become a much better person in the future.

As long as you will not learn from your mistakes, as long as you will not realize the truth about life, as long as you can't take yourself off to human crimes and improper behaviors- either you did it intentionally or unintentionally, you won't grow and you are not human other than a no-soul creature artificially covered with human flesh, fake and not real. You are not human unless you realize what is your purpose as a human.

But that's not the topic I want to tackle here so let's cut the CRAP off! haha. I'm not the serious type either, and believe me, I don't want to share anything about holiness to you guys!. Aren't you sick listening to the priest's sermon in all those 9 sleepy mornings that you could just have lie down in bed and sleep?

So I would like to check-out what had happened way back 2009, last December rather...


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