Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fairytale - where are we going Maya (that's not a bird, it's a princess' name)

I'm afraid of losing you. I don't want to see this fairytale end up, not reaching the happy ending.

Tonight's January 16, 11 P.M., it's been a day since the last time we texted each other. Is it okay if I'll say "I miss Maya"? - From now on, I'll name her in my blog as "Maya". Because I really do miss her since I rarely see her these days. I'm not attending my English Classes (the only time of the day where I can see her).

What is happening to this blog. I have noticed that for the past journals I have posted here, it's all about love - my love story, not yours. But this is mine so let me do the work (hahaha).

So, let me not talk about the "L" thing this time. I'll share something more interesting. The love thing still, will be included at the later part (haha). You can't blame a man with hearts revolving around his head.

I'm glad that I was able to take a bath early in the morning these past days. THAT IS ACHIEVEMENT. Meaning, I was able to attend my morning subjects with me in a so-called fresh-good-smell. I am not sure if I really did smell good, but no one should argue because I know my scent.

I have a new look. Yes, you hear it, I undergone a barber-shop surgery a week ago and I didn't feel good about my new hair cut. It's not that bad, but it seems like I wanted more. I guess, I should not expect a lot the next time I'll cut my hair so I wouldn't be disappointed. And, I don't want Maya to see my hair because it doesn't look good, really. She might not text or befriend me anymore.

I had a one-week cellphone access. One of the Editors, Ate Nadine, super nice and kind, allowed me to use her phone for a week and that is awesome. I was able to text Maya for that span of time. And believe me, lots of things happen - bad and good. I hope nothing's change. Nothing has (the feeling) change for me, I don't know with hers.

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