Sunday, January 24, 2010

A comeback from a 2-week disapperance in the blogosphere , Love is in the air

It’s no longer obsession this time. It’s something beyond that – it’s love and this is real.

From the time I had this strong obsession about this girl, and up to the time I got close to her seems like a movie in fast-forward mode.

And now, we are enjoying each other’s company - happy and contented.
I don’t need to elaborate all the things that had happened because I don’t want this blog to look like an all-love category.

So, let me not elaborate, but rather narrate the happenings in the past days. (hahaha)

We walked in the rain for two hours, that’s 5:30-7:30 P.M., last Thursday and it was really cold. That time was filled with a lot of nonsense conversation and laughters. She still looked very stunning even though the rain was heavily pouring. I brushed her hair with my hands since her hair covered her face. In return, she wiped my wet face with her hankie because I told her to do so (hahahaha)…

The next day, she sang a song with a guitar in the rooftop of a building, and I was her only audience. She quite has a good voice, and she was really charming and amazing that I adore her more for that.

We hugged each other and………. - a dream came true.

I can’t ask for more. Well, my days won’t be the same again if she’ll go away.

I’ll be better for her………… I’ll make this “happy ever after” last longer – until I’ve got white hair and wrinkles all over my face.


For the past weeks, I was not able to post my thrice-a-week journal since our editor cut the internet connection in each of the reporter’s personal computers – a punishment for not performing our job as student journalists.

There are lots of things that had happened the day I last posted a blog here.

MIDTERM EXAMS. Finally, the eyebrow-burning (is this word right?) exams have finally come to and end, and I’m now a little bit confident that I’ll get low scores because I didn’t study at all, and that’s COOL. Cool because I’m pretty sure that my transcript of records will be more colorful with all of those RED-tinted grades. AWESOME!

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