Thursday, January 28, 2010

Animax -asia: the finest place for the anime fanatics

For over the past years, animax-asia has not only driven the hearts of the avid anime-seekers for great anime series and videos, but has become a big hit in the world of anime.
Me, on the other hand, is a big fun of fantastic and awesome anime series since I was a kid, and that I've been looking for the best websites on the internet that could offer me the exact updates and news to all of my entertainment needs.

I always watch Japanese-based cartoon series since their style of portraying the characters in every anime series is totally COOL!. And for that, thanks to animax-asia.

Right now, I am enjoying all of the amazing features in their website. Such as, daily news and updates of my favorite cartoons series, updates of games, and special promotions sponsored by their site.

I am an avid fan of Bleach, and I always watch it every time I'm home from school. Ichigo Kurosaki is simply amazing, eventhough he acts like a jerk most of the times..hahaha..But, the fight scenes are totally awesome, especially when he acquired the upgraded mode of his weapon.

But I'm looking forward to his love affair with Rukia, the soul reaper from the other dimension of the world. They look so cute together and because of their tandem, I loved to watch it.

Now, what's good about Animax-asia is that, they have a complete list of schedule of when will be the airing schedule of your favorite anime series in their Cable TV channel so that you will be aware of its daily time slots.

Site for example, if I want to know what is the airing schedule of my favorite anime Bleach, I would just simply access their website and view all the schedules listed in it..

Amazing isn't it? So, if you are an anime-addict like me and watches cartoon series alot, then it's time for you to go and access the world of animax-asia.

For a full access on their website, you can sign in for free.

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