Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was never a fan of seeing happy people together in a happy ending. I hate happy moments. I'm jealous about it. But at the same time, I adored love stories ever since the day I knew that it could reach a loner's heart.

Okay. At first, I got bored when I saw the soon-to-wed couple walking along the aile of the church.
It was boring because I waited for such a long time until the bride came along. Yah, she was not beautiful, but I knew that in the eyes of her one true love, she was everything.

Surely, she was everything to him. She was his star. She was his moon. She was everything that could make him feel he exist. She was a part of him, irrevocable and impossible to live without.

I knew that. But I didn't mind. I was bored. The reverend said many words about the goodness of GOD, and how grateful and happy he is to see the two people who are deeply in love to each other. They were in love, I could see it, but I hope it would last for a lifetime.

Yes. I hated the start of the event. Waiting was tiresome. But when the singer sang, everything changed. The song was melodramatic, romantic, wonderful, and once you listen to it, surely, you'll fall inlove.

You'll fall in love. I did. I was. Maybe. That time. But not now as I'm writing this post, things went so complicated. I know where to situate myself. I know where I stand now. I know.

If that's what you want, then okay. I won't disagree.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

'First times' on Christmas.

A lot of 'first times' happened this December.

First time to give a gift, that is not compulsory.
First time to spend Christmas at a friend's house.

First time to see a beauty. (Uwat... I saw myself at the mirror)

First time at Sun Down.

First time at Food Net Phil Oil.

First time to be kissed by a GAY.

First time to drink Cold Mocha Cofee with Soft serve.

First time to talk with a girl for 3 hours, since I don't talk that often.

It's my first time to receive Christmas cards. I got the first one from Lazy Marya, and the second one was from Erianne Maot.
It was like. These people must be so primitive that they still write cards. And then, I realized that it was still really heartwarming. The words that shows Thanksgiving for friendship, and the real feelings that were written on those cards made me feel that I exist.

Before I forget, I appreciate Erianne Maot for inviting me at her place. The food was great. I never ate real food for months since I always eat at fast food stores. Her family was great too. It was like i lived there for years. Her cousin-in-law kept on asking me about my family and address. So I said " Bisag asa rako puyo teh."  and then, she laughed. She always was laughing. Erianne's Nanay was so NICE. It's like she's my grandma. She's kind. She knows that I write too.

Never did I imagine I could make people smile. Never did I realized that someone, aside from my mother, would really give me something as nice as those cards.

I always thought that people see me as someone that could burst their bubble. Pest. Pester. 
But this time, they thanked me for being a friend, for being  a person with value. COOL.

I felt that I have worth. That I have friends. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Blog Post no#3 - The INSANE MORON

Now, going to the WEIRD part. The BAD part. The Product of my insanity. This is the Third POST.

 I ruined everything. I just ruined what we've started last night. I mean, we could have build something more, like deeper friendship. But what did I do? I turned jerk. I became a dumb insane weird alien..urghhhhhhhhhhhh..
SHIT. (Sorry, let me say this readers)

I didn't know what happen. All I knew was that, I was a total LOSER slash MORON slash JERK. Call me everything. But Sorry, I am more than that.

I made her feel bad. I must have caused her system to collapse. She must be figuring out until now what happened.

Nothing happened. I mean, there was. WEIRD.

I'm sure, that would be the last part of "Ryan meets Marya" the movie. No more continuation.
I totally sucked. I ruined everything. URGHHHHH. KILL ME NOW SANTINO.

What's wrong with me? RYAN what's wrong with you? Urrggghhh...

If she only knows how sorry I am, and that I can't reply to her message because of that.

If she only knows how bad I felt about what I did.

If she only knows how shameful I am to myself.

If she only knows I didn't mean it.

If she only knows my reasons.

Sigh. Sigh. She won't be coming back. The end. You did a good job Ryan. You better die now and rot in hell. 


Sigh. It wouldn't make a change.

I messed up.

Christmas Blog Post no#2 - The Coffe Talks

We talked alot. In cafe Antonio. From her recent past love life, to her doings at school, and etc. I let her talk and talk. I liked listening to her. She's always smiling. I just watched her.
I was sleepy, actually. But the BIG GLASS of cold coffee reactivated my whole system.
So I talked a lot as well. From the important ones up to non sense.

The coffee tasted really good. It has a soft  serve over it. It's like mocha chocolatey. No. It is mocha.

 Okay. She was like this. I mean, she sipped the coffee just the way the lady in the picture does it.

Cute isn't it? But believe me.  I found her more than that. She's not the most beautiful, she's attractive.

 I sipped my share as well. It's my first time to be there and first time to taste that one. PRIMITIVE only because I don't go out that often.

But I would be much happier if it was like this. COOL. I mean, SWEET. Hey, the guy is cute. SO LIKE ME. :)

Blog Post on a Christmas evening no# 1 - The Gifts

Heard it right. I have lots of things to say this time because there were many WEIRD things that suddenly occurred, last night and today, which was a product of my out-of-this-world insanity.

Let me start about the good one.

Last night, we agreed to meet for our exchanging gift. This includes me and her, alone. It was   my first time actually. Never did I give any gift to anybody on Christmas. I don't feel like giving any to anyone, even to my mother, nor my sister. But suddenly, this two-of-us exchanging gift just popped-out in my mind a week ago.

Okay. Now, I made this one.

I don't know if this is nice. I think so. Perhaps, it is.
The thing is, I am not into ART. I don't have that so it took me a long time to do the background.  A series of Photoshop Trial and Error. I was desperate, but it was fun at the same time. :)

About the content. I guess it's KORNY. It's a big joke. (Let's talk about that later)
It's not as nice like the ones I made before, but at least I really tried to write.

Now, she gave me this.


A 500g Bottle of Jonhson's Baby Powder and an Orange Ball Pen.
I planned to never show a reaction but when I opened it. I smiled so hard that I almost laugh. It was funny, and weird too. Who on earth could ever think of that?

I liked it, very much. It made me happy. Not the powder, but the Pen. It's so cool.
I'll use it for editing the dummies. I will keep it. I'll keep the bottle too. Because it has ART. I don't know with her. If she thinks that's art, well, I guess I just need to agree.

It's nice. I have no choice but to agree. It has a Christmas tree, fireworks, purple web? gifts

question marks? yellow stars. 

Blue worms, red gumamela?
Snow man. Green Worm
This bottle includes the weirdest of creatures so I need to keep it. 

The pen is soooo COOL. It really worked. I tried to throw it, then wrote something yet it is still working.

I will use this for editing. I'll put this in my bag. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hate this feeling....

I hate this feeling. NO. I like it, very much. It's just that I hate the way it feels.

I hate the feeling of missing someone because I'm tired of missing. It distracts my mind everyday. NO. It distracts the whole point of my existence every time I wake up in the morning.

Can I just see you everyday? NO. I mean, Can you stay with me for a while? NO. I mean, can you stay with me forever?, if possible. Promise. I'll make it worthwhile.

I promise I'll be better. Better than I was before. Better than anybody else, if there is such a thing as "The Best", then I'll try.

I mean. Why do I miss you? NO. I mean, I'm dying to see you. Please.
I want to tell you that I miss you. Can I? NO. I don't want you to know.
Wait. I'm getting weird. Okay, now I am really weird.

The fact is that my heart is kicking off to its fifth gear. NO, if there is nth gear then, it is happening right now.

If you only know how beautiful you are to me. Yes you are. :)

I didn't notice that as time goes by, you are the only thing that runs inside my head.
The picture of you, smiling. So beautiful. 

You are just simply, and undeniably alluring.

Lovely as a blossoming rose in the morning breeze.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Everybody likes superman, wonder woman and all of those superhero geeks from Marvel and Capcom Incorporated, who wouldn’t?

I bet almost everybody wants to be like one of them- saving the world from danger with their super human powers, and bringing peace to the society – however, these things do not make me happy. In fact, I can’t get along with everyone thinking that they have their own out-of-this-country superheroes.

My point is, I don’t like foreign super heroes,I prefer “Darna” than superman, batman, and Flash who’s wearing underwear outside their colorful suits.

But I have to be honest; I got this love-your-own-local-superhero just now. When I was a kid, I liked superman because he is invulnerable and of course, heis outrageously invincible. I was a fan of Flash because he runs through the speed of light. I loved Batman because of his black cool suit combined with up-to-date gadgets and weapons.

But again, just recently, I just found out that they are not as smart as they look like.
Yes. This time I’ll talk about the words ‘smart and power’. Smart people won’t wear undies outside their suits. Beings with super human strength would never be afraid of stones such as kryptonite, and should never depend on high-tech gadgets during a fight.
Mind you, Darna isn’t afraid of stones and she is smart enough that she knows the difference between undies and shorts. Apart from that, she is strong enough to beat bad guys without the use of any high-tech weapons.

I’m talking about Darna here, a young and beautiful young woman who was given a chance to obtain superpowers when she swallows a magical stone from time to time, just in case the world needs help. Did I say ‘world’? Well, just the Philippines actually.
Narda is Darna’s natural state whenever she does not use her superpowers. She sells goods in the market together with her grandmother and younger brother Ding. Her superpowers doesn’t have any weaknesseslike any other super heroes out there, however, she gets weak when the lives of her love ones are in danger. She will do everything for them, even if it means death for her.

“Each person has his own story, but only a few is worthy of being told”,I heard this cliché from the movie that I watched before I wrote this article. The movie was Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack, who was a young stubborn dumb-minded fella, obtained three magic beans which were capable of growing a ladder-like tree that could reach the heavens.

The aforementioned line is simple but it’s nice simply because it reminds me of how the world would react if I would get my life story published, who would probably want to read it?

On the other hand, if the story of Darna will be foretold, for sure many people, especially the Filipinos, would read it since she is an icon. People would be eager to know about her because she is something, an epitome of beauty and a foundation of extraordinary powers – Darna.

There was a time in the tale of Darna that she lost her powers because her enemies took it away from her in exchange for the safety of her family who were drawn captives. But still, she continued to do her task as a savior for mankind and rescued people with her bare hands. She was brave, and courageous despite being powerless. She was capable of doing great things amidst nothingness.

In the bottom line, I have realized that Darna gave me a lesson to share, a lesson that she wanted me to tell to everybody;that despite being weak, despite being mere humans that are made of flesh and powerless, we can still do something to save mankind. All of us can become heroes in our own rights.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dabarkads at Maranatha...

Last night was my 4th time to be there in Maranatha, (I mean, it's been my nth time to be there since I always go there last year, accompanying a dear friend during Fridays,but I was hesitant to go inside).

Was happy to know that I am now somehow active in the church after a year of disappearance because of some insignificant reasons, and I am planning to keep it up as long as my feet are still capable of walking. I can still remember that someone called me a 'backslider'. I even don't know what that means. Someone said I would never change even if I would attend daily church sermons (if there is).

Yes, I am bad, too bad, but that does not mean I am deprived of the right to be good even just for a night. Besides, no one could actually say that I am a complex-minded with the physique that I have.
Now, back to the topic. I was glad that during my first time I was accompanied by May (a.k.a tambuk) inside. After a while, I saw Jam (a.k.a heavyweight) opening the gate. And Cherry (am still thinking what would be a good alias for her) greeted me 'hi' matched with a perfect smile.

The teens there were just the typical ones I used to see in school. Some are noisy, some must be fond of doing their hobby in the kitchen, some are small, some are tall, but What I like the most about them was that they are friendly. 

Friendly in a way that I never felt  I was out of place. Well, It's a good thing that I know some of them already, that includes wowee, jam, myrrh, may, cherry, and aileen. (who else)

Hilarious it was when Jam became my instant teacher for the first and second lessons.She looked so uhmmm...funny when she does her hand gesture thingy just to make me understand the things that she's talking about. I'm hoping that she'll be my teacher up to the last lesson of the discipleship. (me, a disciple? cool)

I like the way how 'Kuya Paks' (if I am right) share the word of God to the youth, that includes me since I'm still a teenager. Just want to clear things up since others may think I'm older than the way I look...sshhh..

I am hoping that I will become a GOOD man after I finish the discipleship.

Snack. That's the good thing about going there. ( Joke :].. )

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tigers Basketball back in action for UNIGAMES-Dumaguete


After a two- year disappearance in UNIGAMES ’08, ‘09

By Ryan E. Gantalao

Negros Oriental State University Tigers Basketball Team set back anew in the annual Philippine National Games (UNIGAMES) Basketball League last October 24-30, 2010 in Dumaguete City, after their two-year disappearance in the said National Collegiate Event.

It can be noted that th
e NORSU Tigers Basketball Team was excluded in the list of NORSU delegates for the
UNIGAMES in the past two years because the players weren’t competitive enough to play in the National Tournament.
The said 2-year exclusion was due to the Tiger’s poor performance in the 2008 Governor’s Cup (Champions League) where the Team did not even qualified in the semi-finals, while in 2009, the players were given another ‘cool down’ year because of attitude tribulations.

However, last October, despite another year of exclusion of the NORSU Basketball Team in the semi-finals for the Governor’s Cup this year, Physical and Athletic Director Robeleo Padernal gave the Tigers Team a ‘go signal’ to play for the UNIGAMES 2010.

Padernal said that sending the players to play for the national event will be a ‘big help’ for them to develop their basketball abilities and to develop their confidence when playing against other dominant universities in the country.

He added that this is also a ‘good way’ to further enhance their skills in the sport since practice sessions is far different from the real game.

He added that “this is a way of exposing the athletes in the real game” and to help them earn new techniques in playing the game from their opponents that came from different parts of the country.

Sought for his reaction about the in-game results, Padernal said that he is ‘glad’ about it because the Tigers gave a ‘good fight’ in every game.

In the bottom line, Padernal is expecting that the players learned a lot from their games against other dominant institutions across the country, and that the ‘exposure’ given to them will of big help in the future games.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Managing a Badminton try-out...

Yesterday was the try-out of our college's badminton team. Since I am no longer part of our university's varsity team, I can now play for the intramural games that will take place later this November.

I was the one who was assigned to manage the try-out and pick two players to play with me in the games because our coach is not there. He had an appointment and besides, he doesn't know the ins and outs of the game(hehe). I was happy that the college had enough budget to give us snacks and  payment for the rentals in the badminton courts.

To be fair, I also played along with the players. In other words, me myself went for try-out as well so that I can have some fun.

Honestly, it was my second time to play the sport again after University Games (UNIGAMES) Iloilo last year, my second time after I exit from the varsity team because of some insignificant reasons.

The other player who was also my friend can really play well because he was part of the Negros Oriental Delegation in CVIRAA before.

As a matter of fact, he can really go up against me. He was good. I was catching my breath just to finish the one-set-game before I lost all my stamina. We ended 14-16. I was almost beaten. by him.

Phone Call..

Okay. The fact is, I was waiting for a call all day long yesterday. No. That’s a lie. I waited for a call all night long last night until I realized it was 12:30 in the morning.

I mean. It is not really the what-they-so-called very important call. It’s just a call from someone..hmmm….hmmmm…a weird gal from the amazon jungle with a weird occidental-negros intonation…

Well, she said she’ll call me on Sunday. :) ..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weird....PEOPLE from Amazon

Since I can't think of anything to write for this blog entry, I guess I just have to write something about some weird people around me. And yeah, saying that this one is called PEOPLE is not the right term. This one deserves a rare and unique name, ALIEN or AMAZONA would be appropriate.

Why is she weird? because it's just the way she is, and no matter how I try to find out that there' something good about her, there is none.

Well, I need to admit that she kinda has a cute??? voice (and a distinctive visayan intonation because she's from occidental negros) at some point when I called her, a few times. But saying that there's something good about her just won't pop out in my mind.

She is weird and complex minded. And saying that she is an AMAZONA from the jungle is just an understatement. She is more than that. She is rude and harsh. And yah, she is weird. WEIRD. The weirdest gal I've known so far.

However, her weirdness makes me want to look for her, literally. I want to hear her weird terms and intonations not so often. And I bet that doesn't mean anything because I am always alone in my room so I need someone to talk to, and someone to...hmmmm...CLOWN?? :) ..she's cute, ironically....

Wait, I guess at some point I'm being so rude to her in this post.

I should also include that there was a time that I realized that this amazona has a HEART. There was a time that I tried to call her but she did not answer the phone because it was in silent mode, according to her.

And suddenly, around 10 PM, I received a message from her saying that she's sorry and that she'll gonna call me if I have a smart number.

And I said "aw? unsai nakaon aning bayhana?"

Can't believe that she'll really do that. Well, I guess people from amazon, at the rarest point, has a heart.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lack of regular instructors causes geology graduates’ poor performance in board exam—CHED

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Panel of Geologists found out that the absence of resident geology instructors in Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) is the major cause of graduates’ poor performance during the August 2010 Geology Board Examinations.

On the recent exam, only three out of 12 takers passed, giving NORSU an alarming 25 percent passing rate.

Thus, the CHED staff composed of Project Technical Staff Merlin N. Fabricante, CHED Panel for Geology Chairperson Dr. Rene Claveria, and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Geology Chairperson Dr. Emmanuel Tamesis, on September 15, 2010, conducted a background check to crack the root cause of the undesirable board exam result.

“If the faculty members are part timers and the face to face approach between them [teacher and students] is usually once a month, that’s a big problem,” said Fabricante.
Aside from this, the CHED representatives also reviewed the course syllabus for geology and commented that the subjects under the curriculum should mainly focus on the course.
According to Fabricante, in other schools, the number of units in every semester would only reach 15 to 18 unlike in NORSU where students are given 23 to 24 units every semester. He added that geology is a ‘demanding course’, so students should not be given any other extra subjects for it will divide their time.
Fabricante suggested that it would be better to give the students a copy of the course syllabus so that it will serve as their guide for self-study sessions because of the fact that NORSU geology students lacks regular teachers.
While for Claveria, he commented that students should be given an option to choose between having an on-the-job training (OJT) or make a thesis which is equivalent to three units since they noticed that thesis writing is not included in the course syllabus.
The panel of geology from CHED believed that making thesis will give the students more reason to study harder aside from the things they are currently doing.
NORSU can’t afford licensed geology instructors—Taring  
Answering this deficiency on having qualified and regular instructors in Geology,
College of Arts and Sciences Dean Violeta Taring revealed that the university cannot afford licensed geologists to teach in NORSU because the school cannot afford their teaching fee.
“Licensed geologists would earn 50 to 60 thousand a month in mining companies, while NORSU can only offer 15 thousand,” she continued.
The dean opined that they are trying their best to suffice the needs of students regarding their education.
Taring said that students are having online teaching with their instructors. “They are given assignments and projects to work on online,” she added pointing on the willingness of students to learn despite the tribulations of the course.
For Physics and Geology Department Chair Eduardo Iso, education of students is not a problem because the latter are eager to learn because what is important is the students’ positive attitude to learn.  
He said that what happened to Geology graduates during the board exam was only normal like any other schools. He added that other prominent institutions even got zero percent passing rate.
He stressed that producing topnotchers on the past Geology Board Exams was a “good proof that students are learning in this institution.”
Moreover, Iso is optimistic that there will be improvements in the Geology Department later this year. He shared that new Physics and Geology laboratory rooms will be constructed in the 4th floor of the Science and Technology building.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are you trying to burst my bubble?...

Sorry if I have made this post. I just want to confirm something.
Did I read it right? Are you messing up with me?

For God's sake, do you think you really have the guts to mess up with me?
You are somehow close to me, and I can't imagine you starting to mess up with me.

Please do not burst my bubble. I'm not good at this.

 But don't worry, if you want this then I'll be there with Class and Elegance.
Don't worry I'm used to friends-turning-demons scenarios.

 If you think you did a good job in shutting my mouth up, you are terribly wrong.

Mess up with me, then I'll make your life miserable.

Should I say that you earned your position because there is no other one to take it over?

Should I say that if we would compare our articles when you were still a writer, yours doesn't even look like a work of a senior?

Okay. I'll stop blurting.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong. But I guess I'm right.

Forgive me if I'm wrong. I'll erase this post if I am wrong.

Please DO NOT START. DO NOT START. I'm tired with SICK CLOSE-MINDED people.

You wouldn't mess up with me if you are INTELLIGENT.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Usapang Johnson's Baby Powder...

Paalala: hindi ibig sabihin naglalagay nang PULBO ang mga lalaki ay bakla na sila. Baka hindi mo alam, yang syota mo, kahit hindi naglalagay ng pulbo, ay mas bakla pa kung maglagay ng mga beauty products sa mukha kung wala ka.

Alam kong medyo nakakabighani ng interes ang isang lalaki na naglalagay ng Johnsons Baby Powder sa mukha tuwing alas dose ng hating araw dahil sa pawis niya sa katawan at mukha.

Pero tika muna, kung akala mo ay ako ang taong ito. Nagkakamali ka.

Dahil ang tinutukoy ko ay ang mga lalaking kasama ko dito sa opisina.

 Hindi sila bakla. Mas lalaki pa sila kisa sa boyfriend ng maganda mong kaibigan. At sila yung mga taong masasabi mong may talento talaga.

Noong una, akala ko ay isang malaking kabaklaan ang paglagay ng pulbo sa mukha ng mga kalalakihan. Pero nung tumagal ay natutunan ko na ang teknik na ito. Isa itong malaking teknik upang mapansin ka ng mga babae.

Sino ba namang babae ang magkakagusto sayo kung punong puno ng mantika ang pagmumukha mo na parang nanggaling ka sa piestahan ng lechon. Isipin mo nga?

Hindi mo ba naisip na baka, baka lang. Ang Jonhsons Baby Powder na ang tanging superhero ng iyong pagmumukha! na baka ito ang pagkakataon na mapansin ka nag crush mo sa school.

Pero teka, hindi ko sinabing pagkatapos mong magpulbo ay pwede kanang maglagay ng lipstik at blush on. Hindi ko sinabing maging bakla ka!

Yun lang. Dito na magtatapos ang usapang Jonhsons Baby Powder.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mga bagay na pinaghihinayangan ko...

Sa mga araw na ako ay nabuhay sa mundong ibabaw ay napagtanto kong marami pala akong mga bagay na pinanghihinayangan.

Mga bagay na sana ay kinain ko pero nakalimutan ko kasi akala ko late na ako sa klase.

Sa mga araw na hindi ako na ligo kasi akala ko makakabuti yun sa katawan ko.

Sa pag akala kong ang hindi pagligo ay makakabuti sa katawan dahil mamumuo ang baluti na gawa sa lupa.

Na sana ay sinuntok ko nalang ang ???? ng tatay ko noong ako ay musmos pa para matakot siyang iwanan nanay ko.

Sa mga taong tinuring long kaibigan na nagpatulo sa akin ng luha, sumalangit nawa kayo.

Sa Jonhsons baby powder na nahulog sa imburnal nung isang linggo, gusto kong malaman mo na isinapuso ko ang pagbibigay mo sa kin ng fresh face araw araw.
Nakalimutan ko pala, hindi kita pag-aari. Naiwan kalang ng crush ko nong nag.pulbo siya sa Female CR.

Sa pag iwan ko sa larong badminton dahil gusto ko sanang bigyan ng oras ang ibang tao, eh di sana ay sobrang galing ko na ngayon at nakalaro ako ulit sa UNIGAMES.

Sa sinayang na panahon sa pag-aaral dahil sa maling akala.

Sa mga babaeng nagkagusto sa akin na binalewala ko lang. Pasensiya, hindi kayo nakaabot sa panlasa ko.
Sa mga babaeng binalewala ako. Hunghang kayo! hindi niyo alam ang salitang RARE and UNIQUE.

Sa mga taong nangbuwesit sa akin, masusunog din kayo sa impyerno.

Sa mga taong nagmahal sa akin, pasensiya pero wala kayong regalo sa pasko.

Sa mga taong gusto akong mawala, mauna muna kayo.

Sa mga taong nag-iisip na pangit ako, tingnan niyo muna pagmumukha niyo.

Sa mga taong nag-iisip na bobo ako sa englis, hindi pa kayo aabot sa kuko ng daliri ko kung magsusulatan tayo.

Sa mga nag akala na hindi ako marunong gumuhit, palakpakan pagkat TAMA kayo.

Sa mga crushes ko, maawa kayo at pansinin niyo ako.

Sa mga math teachers ko, hindi na ako takot sa inyo.
Calculus? panis kana sa akin ngayon.

Sa sira kong tootbrush, huwag kang mag-alala gagamitin parin kita pang tanggal ng dumi sa sapatos ko.

Sa mga multo na umaaligid sa akin, matakot kayo sa mukha ko.
Sa mga taong akala nila ay may gusto ako sa kanila, hoy! wala akong panahon sa mga tipo niyo. Wag kayong assuming.

Sa sapatos ko na converse na nasira sa loob lang ng dalwang buwan, walang hiya ka. Ang mahal mo pa naman.

Hari ng Negros, palapit na ako.

Sa mga nagsabing payat ako, humanda kayo pag lumaki katawan ko. Itatapon ko kayo sa labas ng bintana.

Sa mga taong hindi pa nakabasa ng Blog ko, pagkakataon niyo nato.

Mga katulad din na Blog Post:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to kill people in a blog post...

Why is it that many people are making LAWS and RULES just for their own gain?

I witnessed several scenarios in mankind involving this kind of parasitic behaviorI would like to KILL some INSENSITIVE people in this post.

It can be noted that a few months ago the Board has decided to not let the staff open their Face Book account for some very significant reasons.

First, so that the Staff can focus on their work.
Second, to detach themselves from distraction.
Third, to consume office hours sole-fully in good-work.
Fourth, to maintain Peace And Order in the office
Fifth, to develop team-work among other  co-staffers
Sixth, to publish weekly.

I promised to myself that I will never argue again with people who are not in level with my I.Q. because I think that would be too demeaning for a person of my stature, too ridiculous to argue with people who can't understand the words FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. If they'll argue, shutting their mouth up is easy just like the last time.

I am a Sole Noblesse so I need to handle situations with Class and Dignity.
I am not a coward. I just think that this post will resolve everything, no need to argue. I don't want to hear people who are arguing nonsense, just like this morning. Too annoying.

Here are my arguments:

The Board prohibits the opening of social networking sites because that would cause distraction to each staffer's work. But why is it that there are some people who kept on playing games during office hours?

Why are they too noisy while playing?
Are they not distracting the others?

Why are they opening Youtube, and sing stupid songs while others are working?

Is it not a violation to make CRAZY NOISE inside the office?

Is it right to muck or to speak obscene words here in the office?

I'm sorry but I can't remember my teacher telling me that I can say "Peste", "yawa", or "fuck you" inside the classroom.

That is, if you guys passed GMRC.

Why are they not respecting the Former EIC Junrell Calunod?
Junrell wants to finish his tasks before he goes abroad yet other people kept on BULLSHITTING him.

I feel really bad for him. I respect him alot yet other people would just ignore him, not thinking about all the things he had done for this institution.

Is it right to say that  "I am doing my weekly task so I am allowed to play"?

Does that mean that I can play as many games as I want and LAUGH out LOUD like a jerk because I am doing my weekly tasks as well? Come on. I've been active from the start of this school year yet my HEAD remained humble, unlike others whose heads grew larger than ever.

Does that mean that because they hold position here they can do everything they want? for their own gain?

Is it right to give a strike to someone who is just seeking for FAIRNESS?

I can't remember we had an agreement that a strike will be given to those who will open FB.

These are my arguments. I do not want to hear people arguing here in the office because of the same reasons. Resolve this immediately.