Saturday, December 12, 2009

His Last Birthday, her 17th birthday- Time Changes, Save it!

It was just last night, I mean right now, when we surprised kuya junrell, our publication's editor in chief, in his 22nd birthday.

I hope he was really surprised with that. The staff and the editors volt-in together to make his birthday extra grand simple special. Yes, though we were not able to come up with a sufficient amount to make his birthday fabulous, still, the effort and the plans that we had is more than anything, more grand than any expensive gifts.

It's 12:30 I guess, and all of the folks here are having fun, making noise, eating, drinking and watching kuya junrel's video. He cried I bet, yes he did, he really cried- tears of joy.

Together with his birthday is Katirin's birthday, one of our staff, my sister, my co-newbie. I laughed when she told me that "wala na, one hour nalang seventeen nako". How poor old girl, she can't believe that she's getting older. I hope she's happy as well.

People, things, anything, anyone gets older. The world gets older. Life is too fast and short to be wasted.

Every single granules of dust falling below the lower part of the sand clock means too much- time is gold. Every second counts, and every time you don't do anything for the future is a waste of it. Don't waste the chance of changing your life and making it better than ever.

You are holding the key of what will you become in the future, you are the dream maker of your wishes, you are the savior and the last hope of your family and they expect something from you- something great, something they were not able to obtain in their younger years.

Every tick of the clock is a signal of "Go". Go beyond your farthest dreams.

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