Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hard Time

These past few days, I was looking over the internet for some sites that has pay-per-post offers. I spent 8 hours for the last three days, clicking and searching the best sites that will offer good and substantial amount.

It's really amazing to know that nowadays, lots of websites are offering payments while you post on your blog. Yes, simple as that. You write, and post it on your blog and you earn.

Some sites would give you tasks on what to write depending on their cllients requests, there are tasks that would let you write about products, movies, or books, depending on your field of specialty. If you don't like the job allocated for you then you can decline the request, so that other bloggers can have the job right away.

See? earning while blogging? pretty great isn't it?

To be able to help you guys, I personally searched for the best sites on the web that offers good pay-per-post deals. You can see it below this post. I just copied and then pasted it in all-in-one post so that it will be easier for you to choose the site.

You can register or sign up in all these twenty six websites, more tries the more you'll have the chance of earning dollars. Yes!, I'm talking about dollars here.

Sweet crispy dollars. Smells good right? so get up and show what you've got.
This business is just a matter of writing talent, so if you have a good grasp of English in your head then this is the best sideline-earnings for you.

I have friends here who earn from blogging. Three or four of our Editors are earning dollars for a couple of years already, and I want to be one of them - HOPE SO!

Right now, I am still on the process of finding and registering to every site that I found on the net that offers this kind of business.


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