Thursday, December 17, 2009

Again, it's you, it's always you

 Because I do not know what to type on the keyboard this time, it took me a couple of minutes to write something on this post.

I am tired of writing Visayan Cracky Corny Funny stories and I need to pause for a while. For my avid readers, you can wait for the next post of Mga Storyang Binudot Ni Piting Bayot at the last week of this year.

Friend, if you are reading this one, you can read the post I made last November by clicking the Blog Archives (link) on the right side of this post so that you can see your ever mind-spinning pictures.

Now, how can I describe this young lovely goddess over here? hmmm..

You are nothing but a little piece of a sparkling diamond that gives my life a never fading shimmer.

Your looks and smiles are pretty mind-bendingly beautiful and I adore you.
Just one glance at you drives me crazy, I can get butterflies on my head over a year just because of that

Every time I look at you, how I wish you would look back at me as well, my eyes are staring still at you like a surveillance camera on focus mode.

But the problem is, when you look at me, I became aware that my heart is beating up to 500 beats per 60 seconds. It's horrible.

Just when our paths coincide, and suddenly you are giving me that killer smile of yours, my gas! you are making my face blushingly hot-chili-pepper red.

After our class in English, I would really walk as calm and slow as I could so that you can catch me.
Walking with you down the stairs feels like we are somehow related to each other (though we are not friends). I could reached cloud nine just for that.

Luckily, I was able to get your number with the help of my super active hero-like friend- thanks Lea.

You instantly replied to my messages, and we exchanged thoughts.
The time you texted me, I felt like something held me up in the heavens.
I smiled like a never ending joker-like smile, I smiled all day long
My once in a blue moon crooked smile appeared again.
A smile that would reach the lower sides of my ears.

Thank you friend for the advance yule gift that you gave me though you are not aware that you were able to give me something.

Thanks for texting me 24/7..

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