Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hard Time

These past few days, I was looking over the internet for some sites that has pay-per-post offers. I spent 8 hours for the last three days, clicking and searching the best sites that will offer good and substantial amount.

It's really amazing to know that nowadays, lots of websites are offering payments while you post on your blog. Yes, simple as that. You write, and post it on your blog and you earn.

Some sites would give you tasks on what to write depending on their cllients requests, there are tasks that would let you write about products, movies, or books, depending on your field of specialty. If you don't like the job allocated for you then you can decline the request, so that other bloggers can have the job right away.

See? earning while blogging? pretty great isn't it?

To be able to help you guys, I personally searched for the best sites on the web that offers good pay-per-post deals. You can see it below this post. I just copied and then pasted it in all-in-one post so that it will be easier for you to choose the site.

You can register or sign up in all these twenty six websites, more tries the more you'll have the chance of earning dollars. Yes!, I'm talking about dollars here.

Sweet crispy dollars. Smells good right? so get up and show what you've got.
This business is just a matter of writing talent, so if you have a good grasp of English in your head then this is the best sideline-earnings for you.

I have friends here who earn from blogging. Three or four of our Editors are earning dollars for a couple of years already, and I want to be one of them - HOPE SO!

Right now, I am still on the process of finding and registering to every site that I found on the net that offers this kind of business.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Earn! Earn!

Updated: 28 Sites now.

Writing paid post is perhaps the most straight forward ways to earn some revenue from blogging. The way pay post works hasn’t changed much; after reaching mutual agreement with advertisers, you write about them, they pay you. And if there is a 3rd party (middle man company) involve, they take cut. Most middle man company provides marketplace for advertisers to look for publishers, vice versa.
If you firmly believe that writing pay post is one good way to revenue from your blog, here’s a list of web services that pays you to write for them. This list will be updated periodically, so if you have a paid post service I’ve missed out I’d like to add them to the list. Necessary credits will be given.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Laba-laba christmas!

When everyone are still asleep because of  last night's Noche Buena non-stop chibugan - I wish all of my friends are having a hard time on their respective comfort zones right now since they did not invite me, (joke!haha.. Roxanne, Marga, and Ren invited me a few days earlier before the Christmas eve but Ren was not able to pick me up and I can't contact Roxanne and Marga because I don't have a phone anymore)

So before I tell you what happen just this morning, I would like to narrate what happen to me last night.

Me, on the other hand, had a night full of emo emo portions because I was all alone in the room, I mean in the whole Gemini building, my boardmates and my mute roomates are out and went home for their family.
But I did not cry anyways, I was just there reading something on the ceiling (as if there was something written on it) and then I realize that, since I am alone and I am hungry, I ate my favorite Jollibee SUPER FANTASTIC MEAL- I really spend alot in eating even though I don't have money anymore.

At the Bee store, I saw families walking together from the Catholic church (I guess), and went inside the fastfood store, they were happy as the parents held the hands of their siblings. SUYA! haha..joke..

While eating, I wrote a feature story about christmas that hopefully my editors would include in the weekly paper. I am not sure if that was a good article because I am using the first person-based feature article writing. And I bet, it was kinda opinionated but I guess it's not. I am not sure so let the editors judge it.

Let's go back to the laba laba portion.

Now, as of we know, I mean as of some people know, I was not able to wash my clothes for 2 weeks already, Honestly, it's 2 weeks and 4 days and 5 hours to be exact..
When I woke up this morning, I turned my head at the right part of my bed and slowly look above it, I was shocked, really, since I saw something mountainous - I am not exaggerating here, it's true.

25 shirts, 4 shorts, and etc. That's many.

I started washing my clothes at 11am and ended 1pm..
I am tired..
I hope my crush was there to help me.
She will be a big help, really...

Friday, December 18, 2009


It's enough, and things will going to change
The smiles and laughs will never fade though
But, I can't act as if I am like this
A nonsense piece of jerk, is a lie

I would still be funny, and jolly
But, the serious manhood will reappear
The silent no-smiling weirdo won't return
Since being silent has no place here

The past and the present will collide
The funny with a sense silent geek will arise
This is for the better, no more turning back
For the last time, I want to laugh

Things won't be on a swift
Slowly, it will soon ascend
Like a leaf falling from a tree's branch
No one, no one will ever notice

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Again, it's you, it's always you

 Because I do not know what to type on the keyboard this time, it took me a couple of minutes to write something on this post.

I am tired of writing Visayan Cracky Corny Funny stories and I need to pause for a while. For my avid readers, you can wait for the next post of Mga Storyang Binudot Ni Piting Bayot at the last week of this year.

Friend, if you are reading this one, you can read the post I made last November by clicking the Blog Archives (link) on the right side of this post so that you can see your ever mind-spinning pictures.

Now, how can I describe this young lovely goddess over here? hmmm..

You are nothing but a little piece of a sparkling diamond that gives my life a never fading shimmer.

Your looks and smiles are pretty mind-bendingly beautiful and I adore you.
Just one glance at you drives me crazy, I can get butterflies on my head over a year just because of that

Every time I look at you, how I wish you would look back at me as well, my eyes are staring still at you like a surveillance camera on focus mode.

But the problem is, when you look at me, I became aware that my heart is beating up to 500 beats per 60 seconds. It's horrible.

Just when our paths coincide, and suddenly you are giving me that killer smile of yours, my gas! you are making my face blushingly hot-chili-pepper red.

After our class in English, I would really walk as calm and slow as I could so that you can catch me.
Walking with you down the stairs feels like we are somehow related to each other (though we are not friends). I could reached cloud nine just for that.

Luckily, I was able to get your number with the help of my super active hero-like friend- thanks Lea.

You instantly replied to my messages, and we exchanged thoughts.
The time you texted me, I felt like something held me up in the heavens.
I smiled like a never ending joker-like smile, I smiled all day long
My once in a blue moon crooked smile appeared again.
A smile that would reach the lower sides of my ears.

Thank you friend for the advance yule gift that you gave me though you are not aware that you were able to give me something.

Thanks for texting me 24/7..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Naked Warriror

Sauna, katong kinder garten pako (gabalik balik ko ug ka.tulo kay sige rako ug dula ug computer nga huloh hulog ug piso), sige ko kakita ug sinumbagay.

Gapuyo mi sa barangay piapi, hapit hapit ra sa el camino blangko. At that time, daghan nga lubi sa among dapit mao gitawag siya nga kalubinhan.. Ginatawag amo nga lugar nga Fatima village, pero ang problema kay atong panahona nay squatter’s area sa dili kalay-an maong nga daghan kayo kong barkadang badjao, batang walay kaon, rugby boys, ug mga baho kaayong mga sapat nga tingkarol kay walay ligo.

Usa ka adlaw niana, naglakaw lakaw ko sa kalubinhan kay para mupalit ug babulgam sa tindahan, katong tag benteyengko sentavos nga babulgam.

Human, niadto ko sa ako mga ka paparts ..ASTIG!.. gastoryahanay mi nila kabahin sa power rangers.. si Kimberly jud ako idol bai.. pink perpek.. human ga.storya napud ming Eugene sa ghostpayter ug san guko. KAMO HAMoooo WAVE!.

Ug sa dihang niduol ning usa ka badjao nga among sige tawgon nga “bulldog”, nitiltil sa tabi ang usang bayot..nga lubas kayo ug nawooooooongggggggg… Ang walay ligo kay iya man nuan geilog akong babulgam nga lami kayo.. galagot ko bai..dili man jud niya ehatag..

PAtiran bitaw nako ning itlog, dah!! neLuko ang liog nga ulorun ug nekoput ug bato..wahhhhh! nedagan ko pag-ayo.. may gane naa koy pag ka FLASH! AMAZING RACE… Iya kong gilagas ug taman.. pero? Kusog kong mudagan 100 meters in 12 seconds. Gihingakan ang niwang nag lubas ug nawong..hahahah

Sa hapon, nibalik napud ko sa kalubinhan kay para mupalit ug chichirya.
Nedoul man nuan ug kalit ang kaluha sa akong nakontra..oiiiiiii.. INFAIRNESS..pareha sila sa iyang badjao nga igsoon nga bisag unsaon ug kiskis or hulom ug muriatic acid ning lawas dili jud mu.brown..yes, tama ka.. itom pa sila sa lobot as kalderong walay hugas ug usa ka.dekada.. SOLID SIYA ..SOLID japun ug nawoooooong..

Eya kong gekalitan ang sumbag..wala ko nakabalos kay gekulata kog taman.. Black Eye.. baling hagulhul nako papauli sa balay ug nisumbong kong mama ug sa akong mga EVER SOLDIER NGA MGA IGTAGSA..

Ingon akong usang cousin, “yan, lantaw ug wrestling ug superman dayon suhera para makabalos ka”..

“ting ting” that’s right..may point siya.. bakit hindi ko nga gayahin si superman na nakalabas yung briefs.. GOOD IDEA..

Neguwa ko sa balay, FOR A REVENGE, bantay sila nako an iron, mura nakog superhero… gahukas KO, wala koy shorts ug sinina.. ga.bandana ko, ga.shades ug rayban, ug ga.kapa, .. HALA HADLOK NA SILA..galaka ko while ga’bitay bitay ang akong ……………………………KAPA..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

His Last Birthday, her 17th birthday- Time Changes, Save it!

It was just last night, I mean right now, when we surprised kuya junrell, our publication's editor in chief, in his 22nd birthday.

I hope he was really surprised with that. The staff and the editors volt-in together to make his birthday extra grand simple special. Yes, though we were not able to come up with a sufficient amount to make his birthday fabulous, still, the effort and the plans that we had is more than anything, more grand than any expensive gifts.

It's 12:30 I guess, and all of the folks here are having fun, making noise, eating, drinking and watching kuya junrel's video. He cried I bet, yes he did, he really cried- tears of joy.

Together with his birthday is Katirin's birthday, one of our staff, my sister, my co-newbie. I laughed when she told me that "wala na, one hour nalang seventeen nako". How poor old girl, she can't believe that she's getting older. I hope she's happy as well.

People, things, anything, anyone gets older. The world gets older. Life is too fast and short to be wasted.

Every single granules of dust falling below the lower part of the sand clock means too much- time is gold. Every second counts, and every time you don't do anything for the future is a waste of it. Don't waste the chance of changing your life and making it better than ever.

You are holding the key of what will you become in the future, you are the dream maker of your wishes, you are the savior and the last hope of your family and they expect something from you- something great, something they were not able to obtain in their younger years.

Every tick of the clock is a signal of "Go". Go beyond your farthest dreams.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pahina Dalawa: Mga Istoryang Binudot ni Piting Bayot

Life Story (Storyang walay kinabuhi)

Ay sa pa… murag nalimot ko. Magstorya sata sa akong mga kasakit samtang sa bata pa ko. Ay wala diay ko labot. Mga kasakit ra ni mama nako.

Mader madder. Fairy Godmother- and akong inahang diyosa sa kaboutan

Usahay lami kaayo lumsan si mama. SUPER SUPER kaboutan nga lami na kaayo siyang heluan. Kung pwede pa lagi nga hemoun siyang bayani ng pilipinas, over qualified jud.

Sa ka rizal pa, ang akong mama kay murag GOMBURZA. Martir kaayo, pahilak hilak ginagmai, in short, EMO EMO karaan.

Bisag asa rami gapuyo sa akong mama ug akong manghod. Sukad ko neguwa sa iyang..sensored…hahaha….. kay bisag as naming bukira nalagpot. MABINAY, CEBU, DUMAGUETE, MANJUYOD, JIMALALUD, BAIS, GUIHULNGAN, ..hahayzz. MURA meg NPA. Aw,,, NPA jud. Kulang nalang magdal mig kanyon para mailhan jud.

Ang akong kinabuhi kay puno ug drama mga repapipz.. Sige meg padlason sa mga lamok maong sige meg balhin balhin.. INSECURE sila namo gud.. kay si mama nako kay gwapa utro pud iyang anak- akong manghod ..dili ako, ULOL..

Si uncle sa dumaguete..

Hmmm..naa koy angkol dire sa dumaguete dili ra nato hisgutan iyang ngalan kay mahubog unya mo..BUT_AN siya baya (ug mahubog baling but-ana) pero ug tarong ang huna huna arang arang pay yawa niya..hahaha

Pero bisag ingon ana siya dako ko ug utang niya…kay iya ming gipakaon, gepapuyo sa ilang impyernong balay sa pila katuig….

Electronic Fishpond?

Sa bata pako kay buluyagon ko kaayo.. nakabuak kog samin sa aparador kay nakakita ko sa ako nawong unya ako ge.karate, mao to nabuak, nakaguba ko ug duha ka celphone in one day. Di malason jud ko sa?

nakaguba ug dako nga rice cooker kay gatuo man gud ko nga swimming pool siya sa mga fishes so akong gebutangan ug tubig din nagpalit ko ug mga isda and then ako ge palangoy langoy sila.. Gaulan man, nalouy ko sa ako mga fishes so akong ge. Plug in sa kuryente then ako ge.close para mainitan sila kay magkurog niya sila …hayy.. Thank God ..

After that, natulog ko pag-ayo.. ug sa dihang nikalit ra ug tawag akong ante


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unang Pahina: Mga Estoryang Binudot ni Piting Bayot

Introduction, sa bisaya pa, pasiugda (sakto ba?)

Basaha ninyo kini
Para ni kaninyong tanan
Usa kini ka .storyang tinumo tumo nga naay sagul’ng kamatuoran(ANG KESU)
Taas ni kaayo hangtod pila ka.anyo
Bisaya napud ta, kapoy na ug ining.lish, ma.klaro unya nga foreigner ko

Para Sa mga:
Wala gaiskuyla
Ga iskuyla iskuyla
Mag titsers
Mga feeling titsers
Friends nako
Sa mga feeling friends nako
Mga manglibakay (malubong ramong buhi)
Mga genius
Pa.genius genius
Mga manulatay
Sa mas bugo pas ilaga
Walay ligo
Walay unod, kitag bukog
Niwang wangkig
Tigbantay rice field/scarecrow
Emo emo
Nawong intsik
Sa mga wala nitubo
Sa mga sinaw ug buhok
Sa mga walay lego
Mga yanggaw
Pegasus, sa bisaya pa, puting kabayo
Sa mga tiyang naay abs, ug pa abs abs
Dagkog hawak
Mga bayot.
Pa bayot bayot
Walay ilis
Mga ka.kesu

About the Author/kabahin sa manulatay’ng prapra

Sa katong wala pa nakaila nako, well, mag-ila-ila usa kita. Ako si Ryan, gwapo, murag si sasuke sa naruto, macho,(walay mupalag) ,nipis kilay, hilumong sabaan, but-ang kabuangon, serious usahay, salawayon kanunay, bisag ingon ani ko, palahubog nga pala-sigarilyo ug bulkang mayon and ulo, ug mahiguma ni bai tinuoray pud baya( ayaw mo ug tou kay mauwat unya mo!). Ganahan ko nga mupatay ug tawo, dili patyon nga magkadugo ha, what I mean is akong padug-on ang ilong sa akong mga friends. Mao kini ang akong kalipay ang maghilak akong mga kaaway. Wahahaha.

Well, dili nato dugayun ang akong introduction sa akong kaugalingon kay ako mismo wala nasayod sa akong pagkatawo. Sugdan ta sa kong family background, charr!!, mura ko ug naay family, kung wala pako nalipung, nasayod kong mura man kog badjao nga tapon tapon bisag asa kay walay kapamilya, kapuso, kapares, kabarkada, kabagang. Drama sa ta karyot beh..huhuhuhu..hahaha..sakto na kay O.A. na..wahaha

Ang akong inahan kay si neselcita. Gwapa, mestisa, buhok kay kulot, sexy, puti kaayo nga murag gehulaman ug usa ka tasang chlorine, to make it short, mura siya ug CHIWAWA..ui..ui..wala ko nanaot ha kay love gud nako akong mama..muhilak unya to ug dugo..artista rava to kaayo, wala na unya ko dutch..datongs. Sa sunod pakahisgutan nato ang akong amahang malign-on nga taas ug…….oopppsss..not to mention.. his name is Mario, yes, ,Mario as in super Mario, infairness ha..perte kaayo siya ug abtik kaayo siyang mu……secret.. as a result, nakahemu siyag upat nga makalibutanong mga buhat.. Ako ug akong manghod, ug ang akong duha ka tunga sa lawas nga mga pakapin nga igsoon..ang akong igsoong bungol ug ang usa kat tibihon..louy baya sila kaayo mura silag Tears with a son and daughter..balo unsa na..

Sa tinuoray lang kay wala koy giilang mga ginikanan,, USA KO ka LIKI SA KAWAYAN.. perpek… tskk..tsk…

Mag binisaya ta ninyo para lingaw.. haha.. makalingaw ning akong kinabuhi karon.. pa.inosente inosente, pa.bayot bayot para pakatawa sa kadaghanan, dili mailhan nga barumbado ko ug bisyoso..perpek kaayo.. ganahan ko nga ingon ani ang impression sa mga tawo nako aning planetaha. GOOD BOY TO THE MAX...SWEET SA MGA ATE UG MGA KUYA.. mura jud ko ug dili kabuangon..perpek

Akong gesulat ni nga mga sinulat kay para sa inyo.para malingaw mo ug kintawa sa mga jokes nga korny pas mais nga sinugba..

thank you.. thank you..