Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where is your mother?

It's almost 12 midnight and I am here sitting in a net cafe where I can access the net for free. I did some comments to my friend's blogs and I liked it.

But, honestly, I really do not know what I am doing. I am typing the letters and I am waiting for jen, and filashuz, to text me. These are my consistent textmates because I demand them to text me.. hahaha.. maybe jen is sleeping this time.. she needs to gain some flesh..and I am sure that filamae lost his existence after she suck a bottle of beer. And I bet sheila is asleep as well because she really needs time to recover from that heartache.. what a life.. people get hurt so often..

Ate dora, "the climber" is really in love again.. I can't relate to her text messages because I am not so fascinated about the "love" thing..

There are two reasons why I think jen and filashuz won't reply to my texts. Maybe jen is busy texting her matt evans or maybe she is pissed-off by my temper-loosing jokes or she is sleeping already because she needs to go to school early.. And filashuz, maybe she does not have a load (like jen) or maybe she is drunk and is currently taking a nap just like now..

Sheila..hmmm.. we talked while I accompanied her to her place.. she was mad at me because I just broke her interview with some students.. we are fine now..hope so.. It was really cold when I went home a while ago.. the way to sheila's boarding house is quite dark and muddy.. But, I don't want her to get wet.. she's my friend.. She is my "anak-anakan" together with rina, my other daughter. I don't know where did GAS put their mother.. it's okey mga anak you don't need your mother.. i'm sure she can't even raise a single hollow block with her poor thin arms...

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  1. uie kuya.., im still awake at that time noh.., d rwah nq fil motx nmo.., hahahah.., fileret pud k.., ahehehe.., kw p ganeh ng unang n2log kyxa nq..,


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