Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My first Novel-Sidney Sheldon

It was just last week when I finally realized that I should do a lot better in all aspects that I am hooked on. Well, as a BS Math student, I came up with a temporary agreement with myself that maybe, just maybe, I should study and read math books so that my analytic thinking skills will improved. (I’m not really sure with this all-by-myself-agreement, but I am really hoping that my mind won’t change gradually…hehehe).

Secondly, I want to be a good writer in these two fields, news and feature. So, I texted my features editor about this and we had a few topics that we had discussed that time. I ask her for some books that I can borrow, being so kind, she allowed me to have this “so amazing book”, as what she told me, authored by the world’s master storyteller Sidney Sheldon entitled Morning, noon, and night.

Honestly, the title is really weird. But, anyway, I should read it because it was well-recommended.

This is my first novel to read and I hope I will like it.


  1. kuya..,

    naa lng qy nbantayan..,

    dba being a good writer also includes being good in grammar?? i guess u should b careful enough on subjct-verb agreement and paticiples.., n.overlook rwah guro nmo ang ubang errors.,;) hehehe.., i rcommnd that u xud make a review on some of ur articles..,;)

  2. heya ray. that's a good book lage. promise! :) just continue readin, and work your imagination so you would enjoy it. :)


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