Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HEADLINE: Gantalao slides down NORSU entrance

With only a few witnesses in the embarrassing scene, Dr.Ryan Gantalao managed to stand still with a speed of light after he fell down in the Negros Oriental State University main entrance gate last November 18,2009

While he was on his way to the exit, Gantalao, with his friends, had talks about the person behind them. Luckily, it was his ultimate crush that they were talking about.

Starting to depart in split ways, he walked straight to the main exit while his friends were on the other side. Being a crazy sports-minded individual, Gantalao loves to jump and tap objects above his head.

He jumped trying to reach the end of the gate's vertical edge. When suddenly, as he fell down on the ground he noticed that his shoes won't stick flat on the beautifully tiled-gate. (I mean a hell of damn engineers made it stupidly disastrous noting that I was not the first victim of that criminal demonic "entrance").

When he landed, his left foot slipped on the floor (satanic floor) and made him to fall as swift as lightning just like when Pacquaio demolished Cotto with blinding speed of dynamic punches.

As fast as a falling asteroid when he fell down, Gantalao, a desperate elite ninja fanatic, also made a hollywood stunt and magnificently made his laugh-to-death friends awed as he stand-up with full poise and stance. He did not waited for a second to clean his dirty full of dust pants and shoulders because it will only make him more obvious that he was dumped down the floor, instead he walked slowly just like nothing happen. He even put his hands on his pockets making him to look like the old filipino action superstar, the late Fernando Poe jr.

Gantalao went out in the campus with a stunning dusty look with sweat all over his face. Looking back while walking a far from the gate, he only noticed five persons who have seen the incident.

Of course, including the security guard where he directly landed like an airplane just right next to his left side. And in addition, Of all the human race, one of the witnesses was his "no-flesh walking mammal" friend that loves to kill him verbally, greets him brutally and always find ways so she can attack him as a revenge to his rude acts to her, in which simply his best way to please and satisfy himself since he loves making his good friends as objects of "making fun habits.

Also, she killed him in one of her stories. She made a character about a man with an identity crisis in his horrifying petrifying pure-lie confession write-ups (I AM NOT SURE. IT COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE WE HAVE LOTS OF GAYS HERE IN THE OFFICE. I JUST NOTICED IT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM READING AND HOLDING THE EDITED PRINTOUTS..).

"If my instincts are right, then it will be the end of this round earth" said Gantalao with madness. "I will make the world square!".


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