Thursday, November 26, 2009

Boyce Avenue Rocks!

wow...amazing...wonderful...incredibly entertaining...

If there are words more intensive than these then it would be the words I would like to use to describe this totally mind-blowing band.. Based from Florida, Boyce Avenue made an earthquake to the music world when they made alternative rock, Rhythm and blues, and pop music songs into very unique and relaxing to hear acoustic romantic songs.

Among the other international bands who made names in the music industry, this band has its own sense of style with their very own charisma to the audience...

With a unique blend of the classic ballad tune and breathy-cold voice, BOYCE AVENUE has the most entertaining vocalist ever...

Factually, this band just revised the tune, the rhythm and made a whole lot better rendition of the songs that are owned and popularized by international music icons but it does not mean that they are copycats. They just proved that they can perform the songs better than the original ones.

Honestly, I started to love this band just last week when I heard their songs played on the speaker (Ofcourse, without the speaker i can't hear them. Right?).
I was doing something on the computer (TN OFFICE) when i heard their song "IRIS"-an original track by go goo dolls, playing on the media player. WOW...I paused for a moment and carefully listen to every line of the song. IT IS SO RELAXING and it would really make you cry a tear if your secretly in love. Maybe, I'm involve in this issue and I am secretly drowning to somebody but when i tried to ask my oblong-shaped heart its telling me that I am free of any deadly poisonous virus-the "L" thing..

Right now, at this very late night (I will clearly state that tonight is Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 11P.M.) I am on the net again and listening to all of my favorite Boyce Avenue songs..

"Iris" by go goo dolls is one of my favorite songs before this group came out from nowhere. But in fairness of my conscience, I would admit that I like this band more than go goo barbie dolls..

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