Friday, October 9, 2009

I loved you

But let us face reality, There are times that love can't fill the missing part of a person who's only wish is to always hold the woman he loves. So I guess, I need to let you go by now. It's the only way that we will be free from any commitments we had. It's the only way that I will stop missing you.

You'll be free and you'll be happy with someone else. I want to see you happy with someone else. There are things that I can't give that hopefully others can do.
I am still thinking of you. Night and day.

But I will still be keeping in touch with you because i don't want you to be alone. I don't want you to cry but I did. I miss you. I'm sorry.

But I just want to let you know the three words I felt deep inside of my very soul. I loved you.

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  1. ahmm..,

    balikan nlng d.i nmo xah yan??? salimuang man d.i k.., ahehehe.,, unxah vah..,;) nganong galisud2 man twon k??? hehehe


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