Saturday, September 12, 2009


It was on 9th day of August 2009 when I went to Bais and visited my girlfriend. It has been so long since the last time I saw her. Maybe three weeks or longer.

I woke up 5am because we have agreed that I should be there at sunrise. I arrived there at 7am, I guess, and I was so hungry. I was shock when she asked me if I have eaten already. When I step out of the pedicab I saw her on the road holding a plastic bag with food in it. Atlast, "sabik na sabik", I go near her and supposed to hug her but there were others watching so I just kissed her on the cheek. She was so fresh since she just took a bath earlier. I love that smell. Her hair I love to wiggle. Her skin I love to touch. I was so happy that day. It was the first time we ate together in breakfast.

Wearing these simple female pedal, a loose shirt, with untied hair, she washed the dishes and I just stared at her. She look very attractive to me. She looked like a boyish female. I simply laugh at her because she don't care to whatever she wears as long as it fits her. I hug her at her back when she was still rinsing the dishes. I kissed her cheek again and she said " paghulat ra sa guwa kay masuko and landlady". So I waited for her at the terrace.

We just talked and laugh and make fun to each other. We were like barkada the way we treat each other.

In the afternoon we went to our lover' spot. It was the place where we became lovers in negros..HEHEHE. . Well what happen next is purely censored guys.


  1. my god ryan... pagkabayooota kaayo nimo.. heheh.e. grabe ha... puno na ug heartz sah imong blog.. romance jud d.i... ahw.. hehee... hinay2x lang dong...

  2. wow, wat a post! how i wish ing-anah sad ma treatment sa koh sa qng bf soon, ahw? hehehe...

    keep it up ray, u luv truly but don't give 100% for it, leave something for urself. Congratz, u found that girl, keep ur relationship stronger! God bless, take care of her, she's precious!

  3. hmmm..,

    sayang kau ry.., hehehe


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