Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything I need is you

Every sunrise when the sun glimpses my skin and its rays heats my blood. It reminds me of your warmth embrace, the softness of your hands I love to hold.

Every morning when I wake up I still can’t believe on how God brought you to my life. My smiles has turn to laughs ,my worries has turn to quiets thoughts, my bitterness has turn to happiness.

Isn’t it amazing? That both of us were total strangers when we met yet my heart whispers your name and says “you were meant for me”. You are the answer to my prayers that were so hard to believe yet now you are here.

When I’m with you I just wish there could be no tomorrow waiting for the sun to shine, the clock won’t tick, the clouds would stay, the earth would stop, and the moon won’t outshade the sun.
Every time when were watching each other’s eyes .Its melting my heart to gladness that I just wished we would remain like this and I just want to stay with you in this place.

The birds and the seas will be the witness of our enchanting lovestory, wherein all lies are reality, wherein all impossible will be possible, wherein all wrongs from the eyes of other’s are greatness for both of us.

I can’t draw the image of my future without you;Thy heart of mine is ravage to death if you are gone.

From that very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew what I felt is real. It was love at first sight.

At that very night when we met, I was so attracted to the spark of your Goddess beauty and the highlights of your simplicity and just when you talked you have touched my melancholic heart.

You stunned the darkness of the night, though stars envy your Aphrodite smile.But I never 
loved you because of those, for I have no reasons of loving you.

I’m just simply badly intimately irrevocably crazy in love with you.

In each and every breath I take I’m loving you better and stronger.

You were never out of my thoughts because you ruled the existence of my life.
When the sun rises at morning and sets at dawn “my mind thinks and my heart beats for you”.

Every time when the moon anchors the darkness of the night and the only crystal is the moonlight; it sweeps my loneliness in the cold evenings, and the scent of the freezing air of the sea, glaciers my flesh “I’m missing you my love”. I wished over and over that I’ll cherish those moments again when our bodies is so closed and we were embracing out of love.

Every time I open my eyes I thank “God” because I finally found you. It will be my life’s end if he’ll take you back, so please I’m begging you to stay with me. I need you more than anybody else; I need you here with me. I will always be the man you’ve dreamed of, I won’t change.

You’ll always be the princess of my fairytale and I’m your angel in shining armor.

You are the sunrise and sunset of my life.

You are the world to me.

If loving you until eternity is not enough then I shall wait for my next life to come and I will start loving you again

Saturday, September 12, 2009


It was on 9th day of August 2009 when I went to Bais and visited my girlfriend. It has been so long since the last time I saw her. Maybe three weeks or longer.

I woke up 5am because we have agreed that I should be there at sunrise. I arrived there at 7am, I guess, and I was so hungry. I was shock when she asked me if I have eaten already. When I step out of the pedicab I saw her on the road holding a plastic bag with food in it. Atlast, "sabik na sabik", I go near her and supposed to hug her but there were others watching so I just kissed her on the cheek. She was so fresh since she just took a bath earlier. I love that smell. Her hair I love to wiggle. Her skin I love to touch. I was so happy that day. It was the first time we ate together in breakfast.

Wearing these simple female pedal, a loose shirt, with untied hair, she washed the dishes and I just stared at her. She look very attractive to me. She looked like a boyish female. I simply laugh at her because she don't care to whatever she wears as long as it fits her. I hug her at her back when she was still rinsing the dishes. I kissed her cheek again and she said " paghulat ra sa guwa kay masuko and landlady". So I waited for her at the terrace.

We just talked and laugh and make fun to each other. We were like barkada the way we treat each other.

In the afternoon we went to our lover' spot. It was the place where we became lovers in negros..HEHEHE. . Well what happen next is purely censored guys.