Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy to be here!

It is really nice to be here in my newly joined organization. I guess I’m one of the smart-want to-be journalist this time. Being one of the new university writers, I am proud and happy to be included in their family. 

The office, I mean the TN office is just a small one. But it is great because we have this non-stop cooling air system with snacks in our very own refrigerator. Most of all we have enough computers to assist our write-ups with internet on it so that I can blog on the net. Cool!.

Aside from that, the people here and the older staffs are so nice to me. They treat as if I’m their friend. Thank you guys!

A combination of different personalities we have here. There are the noisy ones, the strict editors, the funny 3rd sex members, and also the newbies.

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