Thursday, August 13, 2009

I miss her

I miss that clumsy funny girlfriend of mine. We rarely see each other because we are 40km apart. It's not that far but still I don't have enough money to go there always. I'm facing financial crisis right now(laugh) so we just see each other twice a month. What I really miss about her i s her unparalleled sweetness to me. 

The way she looks at me and smiles at me. Her charming appearance is just simply relaxing. She holds me like she don't want me to go home. Because I don't want her to lose her hands-off on me. I just want to assure that every second is not wasted when we are together.

We often eat in the "tocinohan" with all the street food vendors selling their mouth-watering dishes. Is that dishes? maybe.

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  1. wow, datz love! nakakakilig nman posts mo ray, bwt love lang ksagaran, hehehe... datz gud!


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