Thursday, August 13, 2009

I miss her

I miss that clumsy funny girlfriend of mine. We rarely see each other because we are 40km apart. It's not that far but still I don't have enough money to go there always. I'm facing financial crisis right now(laugh) so we just see each other twice a month. What I really miss about her i s her unparalleled sweetness to me. 

The way she looks at me and smiles at me. Her charming appearance is just simply relaxing. She holds me like she don't want me to go home. Because I don't want her to lose her hands-off on me. I just want to assure that every second is not wasted when we are together.

We often eat in the "tocinohan" with all the street food vendors selling their mouth-watering dishes. Is that dishes? maybe.

Happy to be here!

It is really nice to be here in my newly joined organization. I guess I’m one of the smart-want to-be journalist this time. Being one of the new university writers, I am proud and happy to be included in their family. 

The office, I mean the TN office is just a small one. But it is great because we have this non-stop cooling air system with snacks in our very own refrigerator. Most of all we have enough computers to assist our write-ups with internet on it so that I can blog on the net. Cool!.

Aside from that, the people here and the older staffs are so nice to me. They treat as if I’m their friend. Thank you guys!

A combination of different personalities we have here. There are the noisy ones, the strict editors, the funny 3rd sex members, and also the newbies.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A sucesss

Just by last July 25, 2009 I joined this written exam for new writer applicants in our university. It was destiny that brought me there in the venue because it was not really included in my plans to join such an organization. I brought my luck with me and during the exam I found it easy to do the stuffs they want us to write.

It was great and I finish it right on time. The following weekend, I mean the next next weekend I took three interviews. And I was able to impress the interviewers I guess because they would say “very unique idea” and things like that.

Oh, yes I rank no#2 in the overall rankings of the writer applicants. Amazing. Great. I am blessed. It was my destiny. My passion has given me a chance to write again.

Fixing A Broken Heart

“Every time I hear this song playing on the radio, the bitter memories of the past would just flash back throughout my thoughts. The memories of my heart’s first cut resulted to a severe unseen pain. But I have no regrets, that event just led me to meet my one true love”

It happened last summer when the relationship we had with my girlfriend started to die away. It wasn’t me who fade out of love but it was her who has forgotten all the stupid promises she made.

I really loved her. Her Aphrodite smile I love to watch, her lips I desire to kiss, and her hands so soft to hold. Our happy moments together seem like a never ending. I thought it would never end. But it came to a point that I felt it will, when I started to sense there was something different going on.

When were together, I can no longer feel the essence of her intimate affection on me. Every time we sent messages to each other, I can no longer see the “I miss you” nor the “I love you” either the “Goodnight” messages she usually sent me.

It was a cold evening when she texted me: “I need space to grow, and time to know myself more”. It hurts, really it does. Is she nuts? She’s living here on earth for all of her life yet she still doesn’t know herself? Oh, come on. I knew she was just making excuses. It caused me to never eat for a day and half and I’ll never, unless she will going to text me. I waited for my phone to beep but she never did. She doesn’t care for me anymore. From that very moment I knew her feelings for me faded away.

I tried to believe it wasn’t real. I believed that it was just a test and I need to fight for it once more. Maybe we just need to talk and fix things out. I waited and watched her house every other day or two whether she’ll go out so I can talk to her. But I never had a chance, maybe she knew I was there waiting that’s why she won’t go out.

Her sister helped me, so I had a chance to talk to her. I tried to hold her hand but she refused. I asked her if there’s something wrong but she would just said ‘wala” and left me a fake smile. She’s acting so weird and I’m starting to loose my temper but still, I tried to understand her.

After two weeks, I just found out that she and her ex-lover were together again. It was the first time I felt so down and weak. I can’t think well nor eat. I was so good to her and I love her most, more than any other guy can do.

The pain took-off existence of my life. It’s like I’m loosing my breath every time I think of her and what she did to me. I need someone to talk to. I was like a crazy jerk begging for an instant friend. And so I had, I never thought this new friend will be my new happiness, and in the long run will likely turn to be my sweetheart.

I took up my phone and sent messages to anyone saved on my phonebook containing a message “please help me; I’m tear down into pieces”. Suddenly someone replied. It was from “toniet” as what it appears on my inbox. I remembered that her number was given by my close friend. I opened the message and it burst my tears out as it said “kinsa ni?? Ga-drama ka?? Ayaw ug patagad nako ha!” She just ignored me but I kept on texting her and finally she replied again. We sent messages to each other until I felt better and fell asleep.

The heartache was still there. I can’t escape from it so I let it run down my life because sooner it will be over. With the help of my never-been-seen friend, slowly and gradually I have moved on.

It came to appoint that I need to be alone so I told her that I can’t communicate to her for a month. I stayed on a boarding house all by myself. My life was so boring and unproductive since then. I woke up every morning and took a bath. After that, I ate then I slept then I ate and slept again. That event almost ruined me down.

Though I did not texted “toniet” for a month, she would still sent me love quotes and encouraging me to go on with life. She would even ask me whether I ate already or whether I’m fine and gave me a missed call often. She was so sweet.

As the days go by, I started to appreciate her thoughtfulness and my feelings were developed to her. She would always call me her “angel” because she thinks I’m really an angel (laughs). We usually see each other if we have vacant times. I’m so comfortable being with her. She is so easy to be with, so funny, so talkative and so….. sweet. She is attractive as well.

I invited her to a date. We went to the seashore lines somewhere here in the province. The spot was a perfect place for a romantic approach. I held her hands and she embraced me tightly. The blue skies and the birds over the clouds was an excellent panoramic view. The calm sea and the whispering voice of the air and all the things around us were the witnesses of our enchanting love story. It was almost sunset and the sun smiled over us. We look to each other’s eyes as I said “I’ll take care of you and tears will no longer fall from your eyes” and then finally, we kissed………..